Well, this came out of the blue!

A program I’ve directed has been nominated for the Image and Sound Award, under the category Entertainment. The program in question is Waar Is De Mol? and I can best descibe it as a cross between a real-life road movie and a celebrity interview show. The winners will be announced on January 26th next year. Fingers crossed…

From the press release:

Wednesday December 3rd the nominations were announced for the Image and Sound Awards 2008. Over the past months, a jury of TV professionals led by Peter Römer judged 288 Dutch broadcasts for a total of 11 prizes. (…) The Image and Sound Awards are the business prizes for the highest valued Dutch TV-programs, multimedia concepts, best actor and actress, and for the “TV Personality of the Year.”

There are six different categories. In each category three programs are nominated from the season 2007/2008.

Category Entertainment
De Reunie, KRO, director Boudewijn Schoewert
Mooiste Meisje van de Klas, TROS, producer Simpel Media, eindredactie Bob Keller
Waar is de Mol, Veronica, producer De Beeldbrigade, director Peter Gelderblom

Here’s a trailer of the first season, which took place in Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania:


UPDATE 01/26/2009: Damn. Lost it!