Image and Sound Award nomination

Well, this came out of the blue!

A program I’ve directed has been nominated for the Image and Sound Award, under the category Entertainment. The program in question is Waar Is De Mol? and I can best descibe it as a cross between a real-life road movie and a celebrity interview show. The winners will be announced on January 26th next year. Fingers crossed…

From the press release:

Wednesday December 3rd the nominations were announced for the Image and Sound Awards 2008. Over the past months, a jury of TV professionals led by Peter Römer judged 288 Dutch broadcasts for a total of 11 prizes. (…) The Image and Sound Awards are the business prizes for the highest valued Dutch TV-programs, multimedia concepts, best actor and actress, and for the “TV Personality of the Year.”

There are six different categories. In each category three programs are nominated from the season 2007/2008.

Category Entertainment
- De Reunie, KRO, director Boudewijn Schoewert
- Mooiste Meisje van de Klas, TROS, producer Simpel Media, eindredactie Bob Keller
- Waar is de Mol, Veronica, producer De Beeldbrigade, director Peter Gelderblom

Here’s a trailer of the first season, which took place in Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania:


UPDATE 01/26/2009: Damn. Lost it!

3 Responses to “Image and Sound Award nomination”
  1. Rick says:

    Peet, fabulous news. the clip is a gas. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Peet says:

    I will–thanks Rick! Fingers crossed…

  3. rado says:

    awesome! while we’re sitting here playing “far cry 2″, someone is roaming africa for real :)

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