Francis Ford Coppola recently said: “The less expensive the film is, the more ambitious it can be.” Seen in this light, my upcoming short may be the most ambitious movie ever undertaken.

Don’t worry: a remake of Citizen Kane is not exactly in the cards, but hey–nice way to open a paragraph, right?

Out of Sync will be a short film with a gimmick. Only it’s not exactly a gimmick. It will be the first movie filmed in Anamorphic AuDiVision. For comparison: think split screen, but instead of two or more juxtaposed visual sequences it’s the sound that will be seperated from the image, leaving it up to the audience to connect the dots between what you see and hear. For those of you who smell style-over-substance, I can only stress that this was the best way to express what I chose to tell.

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I’ve been lucky enough to assemble a to-die-for Dutch cast with name actors Romijn Conen and Beau van Erven Dorens and the wonderful theatre actress Marieke de Kruijf. The whole production is in the very safe hands of De Beeldbrigade. Thanks to the help and efforts of my excellent DP Rogier den Boer, Team Facilities, The Crew, Singel Film and a talented crew of volunteers, we were able to shoot on the RED camera using Arri-Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses, a Steadicam, tracks, a car-mount–you name it! Principal photography was on July 6th and 7th in and around my own home, and this Friday I’ve picture-locked my cut (a little under 10 minutes in length, including titles). So far, I’m very happy with what we’ve got. Next up is upscaling the offline to 2K resolution, color grading, titling, scoring and sound design.

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Watch the teaser trailer below for a hint of what to expect.