Making Out of Sync

This behind the scenes video was shot by my colleague Sacha van den Boogerd. Equipped with the worst MiniDV camera in Amsterdam, he managed to document some pretty cool stuff nevertheless. Sacha was only on set for the first day of shooting. Footage from the second day was shot by sound man Wim Geuzendam using […]

Screening Room: Rating System Lab

Peet (left) with DOP Rogier den Boer

The last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure to direct a new commercial for the Dutch rating system for movies, television and games, called Kijkwijzer. It’s basically a system that gives parents the usual age recommendation (AL for all ages, 6, 12 and 16), accompanied with a selection of nifty pictograms for Violence, Fear, Sex, […]

Screening Room: From the vault

This is a promo I directed a few years back to introduce the new host of a Dutch cooking show. The first, creepy part was improvised in little over an hour’s time, in the vault cellar of what used to be an old bank, right in the centre of Amsterdam. It was just one of […]

Screening Room: How to plan a happy accident

The role of chance in the arts is vastly underestimated. Sidney Lumet once said, “All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen.” That’s a pretty bold statement, and not entirely accurate. I don’t suppose Rembrandt’s Night Watch or the Goldberg Variations could be summed up as happy accidents. On the other hand, […]

Screening Room: Live action animating with Van Gogh

The following leader is a typical example of how I like to morph live action with animation in my motion design work. The project uses studio footage of actual people to combine a limited animation feel with Screwy Squirrel-lunacy. Reality TV as painted by a Modernist Vincent van Gogh on speed… or something. Think I’m […]

Screening Room: The poor man’s motion control

A few years ago, SBS Broadcasting asked us to produce a commercial for their shopping channel / webstore Via5. We came up with a script in which a man uses a remote control and a laptop to get himself everything he needs, simply by clicking a button. The client liked the script, but didn’t have […]

Screening Room: The horror!

I’ve been thinking about how to properly follow up this series after its first entry, which could’ve easily been mistaken for my contribution to the Contemplative Cinema Blog-a-Thon. For a creative mind, there’s nothing more dangerous than to be pigeon-holed too early. Brace yourselves, then, for a 180 degree turn as I take you to […]

Screening Room: Two women on a bench

This is the first of a series of posts devoted to stuff I directed or designed. Each entry will feature a low-res YouTube version of a commercial, leader or trailer, production notes, and sometimes a look behind the scenes. For questions or remarks, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to reply! ______________________________________________________________ First up […]