Negative Space cartoons

NEGATIVE SPACE: Once Upon A Close-Up

This is my contribution to the Close-Up Blog-a-Thon at The House Next Door. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first episode of Directorama!


This may or may not be the last Negative Space cartoon, at least for a while. I’m going to try and focus on a new film-related project: the webcomic DIRECTORAMA. (See my previous post.)

NEGATIVE SPACE: Bye bye, Bergman

Greedy bastard, that Grim Reaper. As if the Swedish master wasn’t enough, he had to take Antonioni on the same day. If there’d be some pie left, I’d throw it in his pale face…

NEGATIVE SPACE: Happy Birthday, Ingmar

A big Thank You to David Hudson and Edward Copeland for the inspiration! ____________________________________________________________________ UPDATE JULY 30th: Just heard the news today that Ingmar Bergman has passed away. I´m speechless… When I was in the process of coloring this cartoon (yeah, it didn´t take too long this time around), I wrote an email to a […]

NEGATIVE SPACE: Letters from Paris

(Click on the image to see this cartoon slightly larger.)   Any which way you look at it… the girl ain’t worth the look.

NEGATIVE SPACE: Home theatre

You think I’m making this up? Check out Jim Emerson’s post on the Landmark multiplex in Los Angeles. If this doesn’t signal the slow death of the collective theatrical experience, I don’t know what will.


NEGATIVE SPACE: Muslims in disguise

(Click on the image to see this cartoon slightly larger.) This is your last warning: Do not underestimate Michael Bay, or he’ll blow you up from 25 different camera angles.


NEGATIVE SPACE: Stuck in La Mancha

(Click on the image to see this cartoon slightly larger.)


NEGATIVE SPACE: A titanic discovery

J.C. may be his initials, but the world wasn’t ready for a new Messiah. I guess it would take a bit more than a silly documentary to sink Christianity…


NEGATIVE SPACE: Dante’s peak

Dante Spinotti will never shoot an ugly frame, but in recent years his choice of projects has been unfortunate, to say the least. I can forgive a D.P. of his stature for taking on a project that stars Salma Hayek in bikini (that’s the reason I rented the bloody movie), but why bother polishing uninspired […]


NEGATIVE SPACE: Sparky goes to Hollywood

Check this link for the full backstory.


NEGATIVE SPACE: War & popcorn

Click on the image to see the cartoon in a larger resolution. For those who are wondering, click here for information on the upcoming Redacted. To learn more about the Al-Mahmudiyah Incident, click here.


NEGATIVE SPACE: Au contraire

I’ve been terribly busy the last few weeks, but I made sure to save some time for Jim Emerson’s Contrarianism Blog-a-Thon, which is running all weekend at Scanners. This cartoon is my first contribution; the second can be found right here.


NEGATIVE SPACE: Rotterdam replicant

I had to draw this damn cartoon twice after coming to the bitter conclusion that Rutger Hauer is impossible to caricaturize. It’s funny: the man has such an onscreen presence yet so little remarkable features. Hauer has the face of an angel, possessed by Satan himself. Come to think of it: he’s the visual opposite […]



I’m in the sketching stage of a cartoon linked to the Rotterdam Film Festival. I just hope I can finish it before the festival’s over. Keep watching this space…



A woman in trouble, all right… 😉



A friend of mine warned me that in some religions, it’s considered sacrelegious to depict Kubrick. Oh well, too late now…


NEGATIVE SPACE: Steve Jobs keynote

That iPhone rocks, though. His new position at the House of Mouse didn’t exactly slow the Jobster down.


NEGATIVE SPACE: Cinematic evolution

The only hand-drawing I do these days is the occasional storyboard or logo sketch, so when the idea for this cartoon popped in my head, it seemed like a good excuse to pick up on an old love of mine. Drop a comment if you like it and maybe I’ll post more in the future. […]