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Out of Sync teaser trailer

Francis Ford Coppola recently said: “The less expensive the film is, the more ambitious it can be.” Seen in this light, my upcoming short may be the most ambitious movie ever undertaken. Don’t worry: a remake of Citizen Kane is not exactly in the cards, but hey–nice way to open a paragraph, right? Out of […]

Belated update

I know, it’s about bloody time something was posted around here. You must be wondering why it’s taking me so long to pick up the pen and start publishing new Directorama episodes. I will eventually–but let me explain first what I’ve been up to these last few weeks… I’m working on a short drama, that’s […]

Behind the Scenes: Rating Lab

Peet (left) with DOP Rogier den Boer

The last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure to direct a new commercial for the Dutch rating system for movies, television and games, called Kijkwijzer. It’s basically a system that gives parents the usual age recommendation (AL for all ages, 6, 12 and 16), accompanied with a selection of nifty pictograms for Violence, Fear, Sex, […]

Obama and the Impossible Divide

Europe loves Obama and I’m proud of all my American friends today. I say this without a shred of irony. A few years ago, I saw a documentary about the US that went into the impossible divide between liberal thinkers on one side and born-again Christians on the other. During an interview with a protest […]

Image and Sound Award nomination

Image and Sound Award nomination

Well, this came out of the blue! A program I’ve directed has been nominated for the Image and Sound Award, under the category Entertainment. The program in question is Waar Is De Mol? and I can best descibe it as a cross between a real-life road movie and a celebrity interview show. The winners will […]

Movie Geeks United! interview

Yesterday I was interviewed for Movie Geeks United!, one of my favorite radio podcasts out there. It was 40 past midnight here in Holland when we spoke on the phone and I was quite nervous (writing in English is one thing, speaking live to a quarter of a million listeners is a whole new challenge!). […]

The book has arrived!

This Friday my advance copy of the Directorama book fell on our doormat and, well… it looks pretty cool! It’s been a lot of work to put together, but I really love the way it turned out. After some last-minute tweaks (mostly having to do with color and font size), I’ve uploaded the final version […]

24LiesASecond will merge with The House Next Door

I have good news and bad news, everybody… First the bad: In the next few months, the 24LiesASecond website as you’ve come to know it will ceize to exist. Now the good: 24LiesASecond will merge with The House Next Door. Yes, you’ve read that right. So what’s going on? Let me explain… When Jim Moran […]

Directorama special in Smallformat magazine

I’m proud to officially announce that Directorama will be serialized in Smallformat, the bi-monthly magazine for fans of 8mm and 16mm film around the globe. Issue 1/2008 features a six-page special with the first 8 episodes of Directorama (the complete introductory story arc!) plus two pages of interview with yours truly, along with a couple […]

The Directorama store!

You really can’t watch the Oscars without it: The Directorama mug! No, I’m not kidding… Good news for those of you who’ve always yearned for a Directorama calendar, T-shirt, mousepad, trucker hat, BBQ apron or sexy spaghetti tank top. Visit the brand new Cafe Press Directorama store and knock yourself out!