Raising Cain Re-cut

Indiewire’s Press Play currently hosts my Raising Cain Re-cut project: a personal attempt to approximate Brian De Palma’s original vision of Raising Cain, before the director chose to compromise its structure in post-production. The re-cut uses all of the scenes in the theatrical release and puts them back in the order they were intended, giving rise to a dramatically different viewing experience. The project includes a 12-minute video essay written, edited and narrated by yours truly. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Raising Cain Re-cut”
  1. Jilles says:

    Briliant! Alle de Palma ‘templates’ zitten er in en het is een feest om naar te kijken, in tegenstelling tot de bioscoop versie van de film die ik altijd als een misgeboorte van een de Palma film heb ervaren.

  2. Film Fan Man says:

    The best accolade for this re-cut comes from the director himself. Check out the September 2013 edition of the UK film publication, Empire. At page 125, Brian De Palma in the Q & A segment says this:

    “I’m not really a You Tube guy, though I did see somebody re-edited Raising Cain into the original order which I cut it. I looked at it and said , ” I should have left it that way.””

  3. Peet says:

    Yes, I’ve read that, Film Fan Man! Actually: De Palma has mentioned Raising Cain Re-cut in five different interviews, as far as I know, and always in a positive light. Couldn’t be more over the moon. Thanks for pointing it out!

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